In this page you can see some screenshots showing how "SpeedyPainter" looks when just started and once in action. As you can see its interface is quite minimalistic, so the most of the space is left to your creativity!


First look:

application at start

Help dialog: showing keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcuts

Brush color and size HUD:

color wheel

Reference view: (press F3 to enable it)

screen 03

Drawing with a reference: (usage video here)

screen 04

Perspective grid overlay: (press F4 to enable it, demo video here)

perspective grid overlay

Perspective grid + Reference view

perspective grid overlay

Video export dialog:

video export dialog

Brush properties dialog: (more infos on brushes here)

Brush properties dialog

Gradient Tool: (usage video here)

Gradient Tool

Mirror Tool:

mirror tool

Mirror Tool - multiple slices:

mirror tool multiple slices

Rotation mode:

screen 02

Settings dialog:

Settings dialog