Converting brush sets from "abr" files.

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Converting brush sets from "abr" files.

Postby speedypainter » 24/06/2014, 13:27

On the internet we can find a lot of amazing custom brush sets, shared with the art community by very talented (and generous :D) artists.

However, usually those brush sets are in the standard Photoshop "abr" format.
On the other side, SpeedyPainter uses standard ".png" brush files, so it is not possible to directly import ".abr" files directly from SpeedyPainter.

But don't despair, this does not mean you can't use those amazing brush sets with SpeedyPainter!

Thanks to the useful free software abrMate, you can load those "abr" brush sets, and export each single brush in a single png image. You can export just selected brush or all open brushes to single .png images, in a format that is fully compatible with SpeedyPainter.

abrMate is freely available here:

Once you exported the png images with abrMate, you just have to copy them in:

(SpeedyPainter_installation_folder)/data/brushes/ (*)

and restart SpeedyPainter. The new brushes will be available in the dropdown list inside the Brush properties dialog.

(*) If you used the SpeedyPainter installer, then (SpeedyPainter_installation_folder) is usually c:\Program files\SpeedyPainter\ (unless you've chosen a different folder at installation time).

Where I can find those brush sets?

A wonderful collection of brushes from the most amazing artists out there is listed here: ... -required/

My favourite sets are are the ones from the great artists Jan Ditlev( and Leventep (

Hope this could help you to create beautiful drawings with SpeedyPainter!

Have fun!
Kind regards,
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